Step One: Learn & Discern

We offer two classes covering basic elements of the Christian faith:

We recommend everyone start with these two classes. Afterward, you will be directed to discern your next steps, especially how you can begin practicing the means of grace.

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Step Two: Connect & Practice

Connect with a group; Practice means of grace

One of the most effective ways to grow as a disciple is to connect with a group that will help nurture and sustain you on the journey of faith. We have many groups to be a part of and believe it is essential for you to connect with one. Our ministry team will work with you to make this happen.

Means of Grace

A vital life of discipleship is sustained by ongoing Christian practice. We call the practices that help us grow stronger in love of God and neighbor “The Means of Grace.”  These practices are not ways we earn God’s love but are ways we nurture the gift of grace in our lives. We encourage you to engage as you’re able in each of the six means.

Explore the Means of Grace by clicking on the wheel to your left

Step Three: Go & Share

The love of Jesus Christ is too big for us to keep to ourselves. Every Christian is called to share their faith in the world. What will that sharing look like for you? Like us on Facebook

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