Our Staff

Pastoral Staff

Rev. Brady Whitton
Senior Pastor
Fernie Rivera, Senior Pastor, America Street Worship, Emerging Worship, FUMC of Baton Rouge
Rev. Fernie Rivera
Pastor of America Street and Emerging Worship
Rev. Dr. Jane Riecke
Executive Associate Pastor of Adult Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
Rev. Becky Poor
Executive Associate Pastor of Care & Transitions
Rev. Dr. Don Cottrill
Pastor Emeritus

Worship and Music

Lamar Drummonds, Music Director, FUMC of Baton Rouge
Lamar Drummonds
Executive Director of Sanctuary Music and Worship
Andrew Kendall
Assistant Director of Music and Worship
Dr. Richard Webb
Organist and Music Associate
Katie Davis
Emerging Worship Media Coordinator

Children, Youth and Missions

George Ragsdale, Executive Director of Children, Youth & Missions
George Ragsdale
Executive Director of Children, Youth and Missions
Sirena Brock, First United Methodist Church, Director of Children's Ministries
Sirena Brock
Director of Children's Ministry
Karen Mayes
Administrative Assistant for Children's Ministry
Reid Lejeune
Director of Preteen Ministry
Kale Wetekamm
Director of Youth Ministry
Karen Hartzog
Director of Missions and Revive225
Mary Treppendahl
Missionary to Public Schools & Director of HYPE After School Program
Amy Book
Director of Communication

Adult Discipleship Ministry

Director of Spiritual Formation, Cherri Johnson, First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge
Cherri Johnson
Director of Spiritual Formation & Spiritual Direction

Congregational Care

Greg Toney
Director of Senior Adult Ministry
Rebecca Mitchell, FUMC of Baton Rouge, Visitation Associate
Rebecca Mitchell
Director of Care Ministry
Congregational Care Assistant, Dottie Anklam
Dottie Anklam
Congregational Care Assistant

Early Learning Center

Pam Brignac
Director of the Early Learning Center
Jill Burr
Assistant Director of the Early Learning Center

Administrative Staff

Beth Fraser, Executive Director of Finance and Administration
Beth Fraser
Executive Director of Finance and Administration
Accountant, FUMCBR, Bonnie Brignac
Bonnie Brignac
Virginia Guffey
Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor
‎Administrative Assistant, Business Office, Melissa Feigley, FUMC
Melissa Feigley
Administrative Assistant for the Business Office
Tanya Frye
Contributions Coordinator
Toni Gilboy, First United Methodist, Front Desk Receptionist
Toni Gilboy
Front Desk Receptionist

Custodial & Kitchen Staff

Quincey Mitchell, First United Methodist, Director of Facilities
Quincey Mitchell
Director of Facilities
Byron Hollins
Custodial Supervisor
Head Chef, Kevin Roberson, FUMC-BR
Kevin Roberson
Head Chef
Jacqueline Robins
Prep Cook
Durrell Domino, Custodian
Durrell Domino
Shalonda Hawkins
Butch Robertson, Custodian
Butch Robertson
Sara Rose, First United Methodist Church of BR, Custodian
Sara Rose
Germaine Weeks, FUMC
Germaine Weeks
Adrian Dubroc