All are welcome at First United Methodist Church of Baton Rouge. If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, please contact Suzy Rivera, Director of Inviting and Welcoming, at


ParkingAccessible Lot

The East Blvd Lot: The larger of our two parking lots on East Blvd/T.J. Jemison, this lot is the shortest distance away from our ADA Entrance. Through our new ADA Elevator, you can access the sanctuary level, from the street level without encountering any stairs! 

The America Street Lot: The America Street parking lot has several parking spots reserved for those with accessibility needs. There are two ramped entrances into the building near this parking lot.

EntrancesWith Ramps or Elevators

ADA Elevator (East Blvd): You can enter the building with ease using our new ADA Elevator. The elevator provides access to the sanctuary level from the street level without encountering any stairs! 

Chapel Entrance (East Blvd): This entrance has a ramp from sidewalk to building level.

America Street Entrance (America Street): This entrance has a ramp from sidewalk to building level.

Adult Building Entrance (America Street): This entrance has a ramp from sidewalk to building level and a portico for easy drop-off.

If you are headed to The America Street Service, there is a ramp in the gym that is accessible from any of the entrances above. 

See below for a campus map with accessible entrance indicators. 

Worship SeatingWhat to Expect

Sanctuary Service: The Sanctuary has cushioned, wooden pews with cushions on the seat. The Sanctuary Balcony is accessible via elevator, but does have narrow aisles and a steep incline. There are four spaces on the ground floor for mobility aids with reserved seating for a caregiver or companion beside. The Sanctuary also has a lift from floor to pulpit level should it be needed by someone who is leading worship.

America Street Service: The America Street Service in the gym uses folding chairs which are padded on the seat and back. There is plenty of space for mobility aids without blocking aisles. Sit wherever you feel comfortable! 

Classrooms: Classrooms for adults and children include a variety of seating types (chairs with and without arms, couches, bleachers, floor seating for small children, etc.). Classrooms are accessible to all and the classrooms on the second and third floors can be accessed by two elevators. Classrooms in the basement can be accessed by the elevator near the Sanctuary. If you prefer a specific seating type or if there is anything we can do to make your time at the church more wonderful, please contact Suzy Rivera, Director of Inviting and Welcoming, at

Worship MaterialsBibles and Hymnals

If you are in need of a large print or Braille bible or hymnal, please contact Katie Davis, Director of Communication at

RestroomsLocation and information

First United Methodist Church has many restrooms. The first floor restroom locations are indicated on the map below. All restrooms have accessible stalls. See below for a campus map with restroom indicators.


Scents, Sounds, and LightsSensory Information

Scents: Our custodial staff uses scented cleaning supplies through the church. You may also smell food cooking from our first or second floor kitchens during your visit. 

Sounds: Amplified sounds of music and speaking can be heard in the worship spaces and sometimes in classrooms (videos, children’s music, etc.). The America Street Service is our loudest worship experience. A Hearing Loop, a special sound system for people with hearing aids or cochlear implants, is installed around the perimeter of the pews in the lower portion of the sanctuary. The hearing loop provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by hearing aids when set to “T” (Telecoil) for a more compete listening experience. The dispenser of your hearing aid will need to activate the Telecoil before it is compatible with the system.

Lights: No flashing lights are typically present on Sunday mornings, aside from the stray camera flash. The America Street Service uses colorful mood lighting. 

Quiet SpacesIn the Church

If you find yourself in need of a quiet space, the Sanctuary Narthex is a great place to step out of worship but still be able to hear and see the service. 

Aside from 9:45-10:45 AM on Sundays when the Aldrich Chapel houses a Sunday School class, this a great place to have quiet time. The lighting in the chapel is low. 

If you’d like to step outside, we have a Courtyard near the Conference Center and a Columbarium courtyard near the Sanctuary. 

Allergen InformationCommunion and More

First United Methodist Church uses wafers and white grape juice for Holy Communion. There is a gluten-free station in each worship service. If you would prefer not to take Holy Communion, you can ask a pastor to bless you instead. 

When parents register their children for nursery and children’s ministry, they will be asked to fill out a form listing any allergens. Children are served snacks on Sunday mornings, but allergen-free snacks will be served as needed. If you have concerns about your child regarding allergies, email Taylor Bacon, Director of Children’s Ministry, at


Online WorshipAccessibility

Our online worship services on Facebook are auto-closed captioned by Facebook’s software. If you would like a transcript of a sermon or other materials, email Katie Davis, Director of Communications, at

Service AnimalsAre Welcome

Working service animals are welcome at all church activities. There are many grassy areas surrounding the church that they may use to relieve themselves.