In January of this year, I was lost. I felt very confused about where my life was headed – felt empty and purposeless. The church that I grew up in flooded back in August, and I had not attended church for months. I was broken and suffering, and I knew that I needed to find a way back to God. I tried going to several churches but never found what I was searching for. In a moment of desperation, a quick google search led me to the First United Methodist Church website, and shortly after, I found myself looking at a Young Adult Disciple Bible Study that was starting soon and seemed like exactly what I needed. I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone, emailed someone about the class, and attended day one without knowing anyone.

I sat down in an unfamiliar room and waited for the people to trickle in. Little did I know that this class, along with this group of people, would undoubtedly change my life for the better!

Reading the Bible (or really, just reading in general) has always been challenging for me. I’m an engineer, and I am very left-brained, so comprehending what I’m reading is tough. I tend to over-analyze and take things too literally. Finding the metaphor in the story is nearly impossible for me. The reading struggle is real, y’all. That being said, taking this class was the BEST decision I could have ever made! The Disciple Bible Study manual is broken down in a way that links the readings by themes. This is PERFECT because it helps me, the “ignorant reader”, know what to look for within the readings. The first couple of weeks, I would read and comprehend the scripture very literally.

Then I would go to class and we would talk about all of the “metaphors” and hidden knowledge within the readings that I had missed upon my pass. I remember leaving Bible Study the first couple of weeks and just crying on my way home. The tears were happy tears, because I was completely overtaken by the grace of God – his overwhelming love for me. I was also amazed, time and time again, when a message I’ve read dozens of times would suddenly take on a new meaning and offer so much insight for my life.

Week by week, I began to feel a little less broken, a little less lost. Through scripture, I am becoming whole again.

I still struggle sometimes with knowing my purpose in life, but through my readings in Disciple Bible Study and the talks I have with Fernie, Brady, and the girls in class, I have learned, and I find overwhelming comfort in knowing that God loves me no matter what, and as long as I seek him, complete and TRUE happiness can be realized. There is no greater feeling in the world than that.