Volunteers are everywhere at FUMC, don’t believe us? Follow a family as they visit the church for the first time, and see if you can keep track of how many volunteers they meet on a Sunday Morning.

  1. Saw a post on Facebook
    • Did you know that FUMC Baton Rouge has a Facebook page? Each week, thousands of people see our posts, and are able to keep up with what the congregation is doing. Have you ever shared a FUMC Baton Rouge post before? You are being an evangelist, and sharing the Word with your friends. By liking and sharing a FUMC Baton Rouge post, you are spreading the Word of God with all your friends on Facebook!

  2. Arrived in Parking Lot
    • We began the parking lot ministry for Easter Sunday in the spring of 2015.  With the church located in the downtown Baton Rouge area, many guests and some long-time members are hesitant on where to park during the busiest holiday seasons.  By gearing up in our yellow reflective traffic vests and walkie-talkies in hand, we can easily be seen and heard on the streets to direct families to the best parking spaces. This is especially helpful, as some lots fill up more quickly than others, we can quickly reroute the cars. Our parking lot ministry team is a fun group and we enjoy making the trip to church a little less stressful for visitors and our members. – Wade Stephens
      Interested in volunteering? Contact Shelly Caro

  3. Greeted at the door
    • Greeting people at FUMC is a joy for me because it has given me the chance to meet the people whom I see at classes, services and special events that I may not have met before. I get extra hugs when I say “Good morning and welcome to FUMC.” You would be surprised at the sincere as well as the humorous greeting I receive in return. God has really blessed me by giving me the chance to greet everyone who comes to the America Street Entrance. If you would like to fill your life with love from our sisters and brothers of First United Methodist Church, then join the Greeting Team. -Melanie Stagg
      Interested in volunteering? Contact Jenny Cohn

  4. Read the Bulletin
    • The worship bulletins at FUMC are not only home to the weekly Order of Worship, but they also list different class offerings and volunteer opportunities you can get involved in. If your small group is interested in hosting a bake sale or want to recruit new members, you can place a listing in the bulletin,  and the congregation will see them. Be sure to check back each week, as these announcements and opportunities change

  5. Smelled the Flowers
    • A special card is attached to the small arrangements made by volunteers of the Flower Ministry following the Sunday Services. The flowers are then delivered during the week to those who are experiencing a joy or sorrow in their live, in hopes that they remember how loved they are. – Dot Harman
      Interested in volunteering? Contact Sandra King

  6. Sat in the Pews
    • A great building like FUMC’s campus takes a lot of work to keep it in pristine condition. For over 10 years, a group of volunteers  complete the handyman work that  a large building requires. From fixing unstable furniture in the Early Learning Center, to repairing small holes in the walls, and even demolition, these volunteers help the church on a weekly basis.

      Interested in volunteering? Contact Quincey Mitchell

  7. Signed the Attendance Pad
    • Several years ago my husband and I felt the need to “do our part” at FUMC, to help in some way. Neither of us knew how to make this happen, nor did we voice our desire to anyone. Then Becky Poor called and asked if we would be willing to volunteer on the second Sunday of each month to take up attendance pad slips, and we jumped at the opportunity!  

      Before Becky called us, I admit we never thought to what happened to the attendance slips. We didn’t know that visitors and people who wish to join our church are contacted, people who have missed worship services are contacted, and comments we write on an attendance slip are actually read by our ministers. Signing the attendance pad each week is important.

      Our son helps us, and the three of us are able to work the entire balcony in about 15 minutes, collecting and sorting them. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know the other members of our team, and we look forward to visiting with them as we work together once a month.

      We have been glad to help our church in this tiny way, and since our involvement in this ministry, God has shown our family other ways to serve Him and our church.  All it took was having the desire and saying “Yes!” – Susan Melsheimer

    • I have been volunteering at FUMC for about one year.  For a while I felt compelled to do something but did not know how to start. Finally I spoke to Rev. Brady after worship and he directed me to Becky Poor.  Before long I found my home as a member of the Member Engagement Team where I help to fulfill the vision of FUMC as a caring and shepherding congregation. One of the ways we do this is to reach out to members and check in on them from time to time. I use the information gathered from the attendance pads, to know which members have been absent. I enjoy being able to call and catch up with other FUMC members, and being able to help our ministry teams help our members. – Stephanie Bruno

      Interested in volunteering? Contact Jennifer Stephens

  8. Heard the Choir
    • Years ago, while singing in the congregation, a member in the pew in front of me said “you should sing in the choir”. I took that as a sign from the Lord. Lamar Drummonds, and the rest of the choir members received me with open arms. Since that day, my worship experience has been forever changed. It is a privilege to be a part of a ministry that directly affects hearts and lives! If Christ has been speaking to you, take this as your “you should be singing in the choir” moment! You will be glad you did! – Jeff Welsh

      Interested in singing in the choir? Contact Lamar Drummonds

  9. Saw the Memorial Votive
    • Anytime a church member passes, our church family shares in that loss. There are so many details for the immediate family to tend to, that we as a church family offer our help by arranging and hosting a reception for family and friends during the visitation immediately prior to the funeral service. This offer is made when the initial arrangements are being made, is available for all services held at our church, and can be tailored to meet the family’s needs. The reception is usually held in the Ory Parish Hall and the necessary serving pieces and staples are kept at church. We have a small budget for food, flowers and to cover any unforeseen needs, however donated food items are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Volunteers are always needed to help provide food, set up, serve or to clean up. – Robin Reed

      Interested in volunteering? Contact Robin Reed or Nancy Cadwallader 

  10. Passed the Offering Plate
    • Have you ever wondered where the money placed in the Offering Plate goes? FUMC supports 17 different local, national and international mission opportunities. Here’s a little info about each place.

      • Community Clinic – Provides free medical, dental, mental health and vision care to the uninsured, working poor in the nine-parish GBR area.

      • Connections for Life – A 12 month re-entry and housing program for women returning to the community from prison.

      • Capital Area Alliance for Homeless (One-Stop) – A center serving homeless citizens in the GBR area; provides showers, beds & linens, Laundromat, a mailing address location, among many other services for the homeless.

      • Christian Outreach Center (COC) – Provides help and assistance in the form of food, bus passes, job placement services, computer courses, weekly Bible studies, and many more to the homeless and low income families of GBR.

      • FaithWorks – FUMC’s annual workday in which volunteers perform acts of service at many organizations and non-profits throughout the Baton Rouge area.
      • Family Service of GBR – Provides a range of programs that address community needs in a ten parish area such as HIV/AIDS, a counseling and parenting center, custody evaluations and mediation, domestic abuse intervention, and supervised visitation among many others.

      • GRACE Camp – An outgrowth of Kairos prison ministry, GRACE Camp is designed to intervene in the lives of children who have a parent who is (or has been) incarcerated with the intention of helping them to avoid following in their parents’ footsteps.

      • HOPE Ministries – Helps people stabilize their lives through employment and increase productivity and retention that, in turn, prevents homelessness and promotes self-sufficiency and dignity.

      • Interfaith Federation of GBR – Fosters interfaith understanding, mobilizes individuals to wage peace in their daily lives, and feeds the hungry.

      • Kairos Prison Ministry – Volunteers serve as God’s instrument through which His love, grace, and mercy are expressed to those incarcerated in a real and profound way.
      • Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home – A leading faith-based provider of behavioral health services that is Louisiana’s most intensive, comprehensive, and holistic residential care to over 250 children.

      • Missionary Support – FUMC supports missionaries throughout the world, one being Esther Gitobu, who has helped many members of our church become powerful supporters of missionary work in Cambodia.
      • Public School Partners – Bernard Terrace Elementary and Magnolia Woods Elementary

      • Parker House – A residential treatment center for children, ages 3-13, who have been severely traumatized through abuse/neglect.

      • Salvation Army – Mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ while meeting human needs without discrimination.
      • Together Baton Rouge – An organization seeking to improve transit systems, increased access to healthy foods, better trust across the lines that divide our community, strengthening public education, and other local issues.

      • Youth Oasis – A Basic Center Children’s Shelter and Young Adult Residential Complex that is an emergency shelter serving the Department of Children and Family Services; designed for at-risk youth.

    • Interested in missions? Contact Alex Byo 

  11. Stopped by cafe930
    • We really enjoy the opportunity to serve and visit with our church community at café930 on Sunday’s. We’ve gotten to know all the “regulars” and to meet many visitors and new members. We think of café930 as our way of giving back to the many people whose support and service we have enjoyed over our years at FUMC. – Steve and Fran Shurtz

      Interested in volunteering? Contact Rev. Pattye Hewitt

  12. Attended Sunday School
    • Being a part of the Milestone Sunday School class has been the biggest blessing of FUMC in my life. After teaching my first lesson many years ago, I knew that teaching and facilitating a small group was a way that I could grow deeper in my own individual faith walk. I love the challenge of researching and studying the scriptures while preparing a lesson, and I love hearing the different thoughts my classmates have on our chosen topics. I never leave without being touched by something we discuss in class. One of my favorite things is leaving the 8:30 service and realizing that, without knowing or planning it, our lesson for the week complements the sermon in some way. It’s always confirmation that the Spirit is guiding our study and sharing. – Amanda Wells

    • Ten years ago my wife, Gina, told me we needed to join a Sunday school class. My oldest son, Powell, was turning two and would start attending the 2-3 year old class. I told her that I had enough interaction with big people and would attend Powell’s new class. After Powell and my youngest son, Beau, left the class, I’m still here. In my other life I spend all of my time unraveling the complicated mess of interpersonal conflict. When I walk in that room on Sunday and little human rockets launch at me with screams of “Mr. Scott” I know that I am as close to the source of God’s love and grace as I can get. Between buggy rides, and the weekly recital of Jonah and the Whale, I am surrounded by the beauty and wonderment of God’s creation. For anyone who may have the weight of the world on their shoulders and is looking for a break; I found the best hour of the week, where everything but the love of God disappears. Come see us when you can. – Scott Gaspard

    • Interested in joining a Sunday School class?


      Adult classes – Paige Wax

      Youth classes – George Ragsdale

      Children classes – Sirena Brock

  13. Purchased a Mission Sunday Lunch
    • The second Sunday of every month, better known as Mission Sunday, is a great opportunity for people to serve others and our community much the way Jesus would. One way we serve others is through a cook team, devised by a group of men from the Milestone Sunday School class who prepare and cook the day’s lunch.

      The group arrives before 7 am on Mission Sunday and begin preparing the meal, consisting of: a main course, vegetable, dinner rolls and a cookie. As the morning progresses (and as the day’s lunch cooks), they prepare for the onslaught of business they will do once the 11 am service has ended.

      Lunches are sold and all proceeds go to different organizations or charities each month. The organizations and charities supported, as well as the decision on what food will be served each month, are chosen prior to the beginning of each year. “Through experience,” says Tadd Stout, a member of the cook team, “we’ve learned that anything that is fried, sells! [Being a part of the cook team] by no means is all work. We cut up and have a good time. I personally enjoy the camaraderie of being around a great group of guys and serving Christ in a meaningful way.”

      Interested in volunteering? Contact Alex Byo

  14. Purchased Cambodian Items in the Gym
    •  Each Mission Sunday, Cambodian products and crafts can be found for sale in the gymnasium. The eclectic setup, led by Cambodia mission extraordinaire and FUMC member Judy Foust, provides a wide ranch of items to be purchased such as shawls, purses, jewelry, wallets, backpacks, bamboo bowls, and men’s neckties. All proceeds go directly to Cambodia that provide opportunities that otherwise would not be available. Opportunities include getting women set up in businesses, scholarships, higher education, and many more. All items sold in the gym are handcrafted and made in Cambodia.

      Interested in missions? Contact Alex Byo

  15. The family went home
    • After a full Sunday morning, the family arrived home. Soon, they’ll be contacted by a pastor or other staff member.

      It’s our deep prayer that they’ll return to FUMC and join in our work.

Every Sunday, and throughout the rest of the week, FUMC’s campus is full of volunteers. Could you keep track of how many volunteers this family encountered on their visit to FUMC?

While you were reading, you may have noticed different contact persons for different ministry areas. If a particular volunteer opportunity sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to take a leap of faith and try it out. You may find a calling, or as Scott Gaspard says “the best hour of the week.”