“Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord? I have heard You calling in the night.”Louis Champagne

For a 50+ year member of First Methodist, I have only attended Wednesday night worship for about 10 years. I am not sure if I had a “calling,” but something told me that I needed to have a mid-week break from my work schedule.

The Gathering has provided me time to re-order priorities while strengthened my faith. It has been an opportunity to gather with others to bear witness of our faith and trust in God.  Sermons by Rev. Brady, Rev. Becky, Rev. Pattye, and Rev. Fernie have help set direction in my life. The mid-week service has been an oasis from stress, and absolutely essential for my spiritual growth.  As I encounter various kinds of challenges:  work issues, health questions, etc., I have found The Gathering offering an opportunity of encouragement in a close fellowship with one another in a prayerful environment.

The Gathering has evolved from the Wednesday Night service to a family fellowship offering supper, service, communion, and special bible studies.  To me, the music has always been and continues to be a special part of Wednesday night. Some special highlights from the past begin with Dr. Dick Webb’s traditional music (always excellent), Ben Herrington’s rendition of “Seasons of Love” from Rent, and most recently Dr. Chris Rosborough’s version of “Let Your Little Light Shine” accompanied by Chris King on banjo.

After returning from Vietnam, forty-five years ago, I had given up on volunteering, and I had to be asked to participate in any type of activities. One Sunday in the 70’s, Rev. Ron Ramke asked me to teach 7th Grade Sunday School, and I have been teaching ever since then. So this is my opportunity to extend a personal invitation to everyone to try out The Gathering with your family on Wednesday night.

“I will go Lord, if You lead me.” Take a break from your heavy work and home schedule, with a mid-week service. I look forward to seeing you at The Gathering on Wednesday night.

The Gathering meets Wednesdays

5:00 pm – Dinner
5:45 pm – Worship in the Conference Center
6:30 pm – Small Group Learning Opportunities for All Ages

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