We believe generosity is a spiritual practice that recognizes that everything we have is God’s, and we are simply managing those resources while here on earth. Through the giving of our financial resources we learn to rely less on ourselves and more on God. As our trust in God grows, we begin to see our use of money as a way to deepen our relationship with God. Our gifts demonstrate in a tangible way our love for God and our neighbor.

We ask you to prayerfully plan how you will live generously in 2019 and are asking each household to complete an Estimate of Giving Card. To assist you in this process, click below to view:

  • A Generosity chart that shows a breakdown of our congregation’s annual giving patterns for 2018. On the reverse side of the Step Chart is a monthly giving grid designed to help you make your plan about the size of step you are willing and able to make. For some, this will mean contributing regularly for the first time. For others, it will mean increasing their giving amount by a certain percentage. However, please be assured that EACH AND EVERY step is a worthy and valuable one!

Click on the card above to fill out your Estimate of Giving Card electronically.

You can now mange your giving conveniently from your smartphone! Download and install the Shelby Next Giving App. Search by organization name (First United Methodist Church) and/or by zip code (70802) and select FUMC from the list. Next follow the instructions to create your donor profile.

  • Choose the amount and frequency of your gift
  • Give to a specific budget (general funds, missions, etc.)
  • Make a one time donation
  • Pay for classes and special events (to pay for classes or events please type the name of the class or event in the “Other Comments” section of the giving form)



God has blessed and used First United Methodist Church to transform lives, communities and to make disciples of Jesus Christ for over 175 years. This is just the beginning, and we are committed to Embracing the Past and Renewing the Future with your support to be a place where people grow closer to God and each other for generations to come. We are excited to announce our Generations Sanctuary Renovation Capital Campaign.

Each of us is here because sacrificial gifts were made to build a sacred space where people could grow in their commitment to following Jesus Christ and be inspired and equipped to share their faith beyond the walls. Today we have the opportunity to do this for others.

As you approach your commitment,

  • Begin with prayer, asking God for guidance and discernment.
  • Consider what your sacrificial gift might look like. Keep in mind that a commitment to the sanctuary renovation is separate from and in addition to any commitment you’ve made to FUMC’s annual generosity effort.
  • Determine the amount of your three-year commitment.
  • Decide how you will give your gift (i.e. cash/check, ACH draft, or as a gift in kind of property or other securities.) Please contact Beth Fraser, Executive Director of Finance and Administration at bfraser@firstmethodist.org or 383-4777, ext. 216 if you have any questions about these options.
  • Complete your commitment card.
  • Continue to pray for your church, the project and this capital campaign.

While you’re here, you can also:


Follow the onscreen instructions to make a onetime donation payment. In the comments section, please type the name of your class or special event.


Set-up a recurring gift from your personal bank account, debit or credit card. This service is convenient and completely secure.


Make a one-time donation or payment.


Annual Giving provides resources for our ministry and mission.

Capital Campaign Giving provides for building projects.

Special Offerings support projects addressing critical needs and transforming communities.

Legacy Giving, through the Hebrews 11 Society, supports the future needs of our church’s ministry and mission. A legacy gift is distinct from regular giving to the church and can take many forms:

A bequest in your will.
A gift of real estate.
Naming the church as a beneficiary to your life insurance or retirement plan.
The creation of a gift annuity.

If you would like to more information about legacy giving please contact Rev. Brady Whitton at bwhitton@firstmethodist.org or Bill Potter, Chair of First United Methodist Church’s Endowment Committee, at bpotter@pncpa.com.

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