PILLOWCASE DRESS PATTERN: http://firstmethodist.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Cambodian-Pillowcase-Dress-pattern.pdf

Note: Hobbylobby.com has a good video demonstrating how to make the dress. It will show you how to make a tie out of fabric by cutting a 45 by 3” piece of the same or contrasting fabric. Some of the dresses in this photo were made using grosgrain ribbon.



  • Cut fabric
  • Zig zag or serge short sides of fabric
  • Fold left over right with right sides together
  • Stitch ½ inch seam on zig-zagged edge
  • Press seam open
  • Lightly press folded edge to make crease as a center guideline
  • Put seam in the middle against pressed crease
  • Hem:

Fold up 2-inch hem, press

Fold under 1 inch to form a 1-inch double-fold hem, press

Stitch 1/8 inch from top folded edge to make hem

  • Cut armholes using pattern on folded sides
  • Bind sleeve edges with bias tape by sewing opened bias tape in the tape crease on the right side of the fabric and then fold it over and top stitch bias tape on wrong side of dress
  • Press bias tape flat
  • Casing for ribbon:

Fold top edge ½ inch on front and back sides, press

Fold top edge 1 inch on front and back sides, press to make 1-inch casing

Top stitch 1/8 inch from bottom edge

  • Run 44-inch tie through casing and tie on one side

For more information or contact Judy Foust at jpfoust@ccr.brcoxmail.com.

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