There are as many as 13,000 single parent families within a six-mile radius of FUMC. Many students in our community need help with basic education and life skills. They also need something constructive to do after school.

We have created an after-school student enrichment program that offers tutoring, music lessons, art, sports, and nutrition and also engages the talents of our church members and make fuller use of our available facilities.

Students from Bernard Terrace Elementary School come to FUMC to participate in the program. Members of FUMC come every afternoon to volunteer their time by sharing the love of God with the students, assisting them with their homework and sharing their own unique talents with the students. Those talents include dancing, cooking and microbiology lessons, among many others. There are multiple opportunities for volunteers to take part in this growing ministry at FUMC. Don’t be shy, take that step, and come see for yourself how spending time with the students at HYPE will impact your life just as much, if not more, than you will impact theirs.



Volunteer Application


Contact Mary Treppendahl, Missionary to Public Schools & Director of HYPE