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2019 Cambodia Mission Trip – July 10-23, 2019

To join the 2019 Cambodia Mission or for more details, please contact Judy Foust at, 225-938-2172 or The team will dedicate the new dormitory at Sam Rath Methodist Church, continue construction work, and teach Bible School. The cost will be approximately $2,000 for church members.

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2019 Costa Rica Mission Trip- March 2-9, 2019

Register now for our annual Costa Rica mission trip! Dates for the trip are March 2-9, 2019. Over the last few years, our church has formed a fruitful relationship with Wil Bailey, a United Methodist missionary from North Carolina who has a life calling to serve the people of Costa Rica. Wil has established a very successful mission called Costa Rica Mission Projects (CRMP) which hundreds of United Methodist churches from across the United States have supported by sending their resources and mission teams – both adult and youth groups – to help CRMP transform lives in Costa Rica. 

This year, we are offering a family mission trip to CRMP during Mardi Gras break, an alternative to typical spring family vacations such as Disney World, the Colorado ski slopes, or to the family camp for a respite from Mardi Gras madness. Not only have Wil and his team made the trip affordable for everyone, they understand the importance of having work for children, youth, and adults of all ages and skill levels. All volunteers, whether they build or paint, will leave Costa Rica having their faith restored and replenished. Spiritual growth will happen from time spent serving small, underprivileged Costa Rican communities, in worship, and under Wil’s unwavering love for God and the people he serves.

CRMP is a construction-based ministry that has a full-time local contractor and full-time staff to help facilitate work. Recent projects include an all-inclusive school for single mothers and a church in a local community that has never before had a United Methodist presence. CRMP staff members ensure the safety of all participants and are readily available to give instruction and answer questions. Lodging, meals, and transportation are all included in the cost.

I hope you prayerfully consider this opportunity for you and your family as you plan ahead for spring of 2019! Please call or email me with any questions, concerns, or additional details regarding the trip. Flee with us to Costa Rica and make the most out of the Carnival season!

Cost is $1,100 per person. Please call or email Karen Hartzog, Director of Missions and Revive 225 at, or 225-383-4777, ext. 252.

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Kenya Mission Trip – TBA

Contact Karen Hartzog, Director of Missions

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