Many people increasingly find life as we know it “empty”. While we live in the most materially prosperous time in history, drug and alcohol abuse and the suicide rate are on the rise. We all sense there is more to life and want to find it, but how? Our culture tells us fulfillment can be found in fulfilling our desires—buy something, eat or drink something, seek fulfillment in pleasure and experiences. But is that true? Is chasing our desires the answer? Join us as we explore what the Bible teaches about desire and how to harness your desire to deepen life with God.
  • 3/10/2019

    The Truth About Desire (part 1): Jesus’ Example

  • 3/17/2019

    The Truth About Desire (part 2)

  • 3/24/2019

    The Truth About Desire (part 3): Being of Sound Mind

  • 3/31/2019

    The Truth About Desire (part 4): Not What, Who