Spiritual Direction

Psalm 73:24: “You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny.”

What is Spiritual Direction?

Within each of us lies the desire to find real meaning and purpose in life, to discover our true self, and to grow closer to God, others and all creation. A Spiritual Director can assist you on that journey of self-discovery.

Spiritual Direction is both an ancient and current ministry of the Christian Church. In the United Methodist tradition, the foundation for spiritual direction was laid by founding father, John Wesley. Wesley believed the most important question we must ask and answer is: How is it with your soul? How is your relationship with God? Spiritual direction offers the time and space for exploring and deepening your relationship with God through the guidance and work of the Holy Spirit.


Exploring, understanding, and deepening your relationship with God as you mature in the love of Christ is the focus of spiritual direction.
Active Spiritual Directors:

Bob Leitner

Carolyn Peyton

Cherri Johnson

Cindy Mann

Clay Johnson

Margaret Johnson

Mary Rotenberg

Patty Rives

Stacy Garrett

Todd Barlow

Rev. Dr. Lisa Baumgartner

To schedule an appointment or for more information about Spiritual Direction, email Cherri Johnson, Spiritual Director & Director Emeritus of Spiritual Formation.

What To Expect
Privilege and Responsibility
Training and Certification
Benefits of Spiritual Direction
  • Identifying and trusting your experience of God
  • Learning how you best relate to God in the ordinary and daily events of life and heart
  • Greater awareness of God’s presence and faithfulness at work in and through all things
  • Developing and deepening your life of prayer
  • Greater awareness of the guidance and movement the Holy Spirit
  • Clarity in making decisions
  • Discerning your next step of faith
What To Expect

You and your spiritual director will agree on a convenient time and place to meet, either in person or online using Zoom. Meetings usually last about one hour. What is shared between you and your spiritual director is always held in strict confidence. 

Privilege and Responsibility of a Spiritual Director

A spiritual director does not “direct” in the sense of giving advice, solving problems, coaching, or psychological counseling. A spiritual director listens deeply to your story and by asking insightful, open-ended questions you can explore, deepen and better understanding your relationship with God, yourself and others.

The love God through the work of Christ illuminated through the power of the Holy Spirit is the foundation and core of all spiritual direction meetings.

Training and Certification for Spiritual Directors

Spiritual directors must complete an intensive two-year training program and are accountable to monthly peer supervision meetings. In addition, they are required to participate in continuing education courses and other formative opportunities and retreats.

Many of our spiritual directors have completed graduate-level course work and hold UM Professional Certification in Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Direction. FUMC is unique in that it has a number of experienced directors available.

Download the Spiritual Direction Brochure Below: