ages 45+
Using a variety of materials, this class engages in lively discussions offering a variety of views as they wrestle with scripture and what it means for Christians today.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 106

ages 55+
This class enjoys hospitality and fellowship and studies special topics, as well as series relating scripture to life and the world today.
Meets in Chapel Building, Room 109

ages 35+
This class uses scripture-based studies and other resources that focus on growth in faith and ways one can draw closer to God. Community provides opportunities for Christian fellowship, social events and community service projects.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room 301

ages 35+
This class studies scripture from a very practical, “What does this mean for how I am to live?” with a focus on community needs and the desire to respond to those needs in a Christian fashion.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room 305

ages 60+
Focuses on Adult Bible Study Series with a lecture/discussion format.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 115 

all ages
This multi-age class invites participants to explore discipleship through study and fellowship. Most members of the class have children under the age of ten.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room 303 

ages 20-30, Couples
Primarily aimed at young couples that are married, engaged, or dating, and looking to strengthen their faith in Christ and gain new friendships.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room L10 

Good News
all ages
Lecture and discussion on topical studies, seasonal studies, and bible studies concentrating on books of the Bible and prominent biblical personalities.
Meets in Chapel Building, Aldrich Chapel

all ages
This class invites participants to join in table discussion, committing to a covenantal relationship with one another to deepen their faith as disciples.
Meets in the Chapel Building, McKenzie Library 

ages 40+
Strives to increase biblical knowledge and spiritual practice through Bible study as well as addressing current issues from a Christian perspective.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room 308 

Men’s Heritage
men of all ages
A small, informal group using the Adult Bible Study series and Biblical teachings as they relate to daily life.
Meets in Adult Building, Church Office Conference Room 

ages 30—40
Individuals and couples with young families focusing on strengthening their relationship with God, each other, their families and community through Bible study, fellowship, and missions.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 117 

Rings ‘n’ Ivy
ages 55+
This class offers educational initiatives that engage authentic ways of living Christian faith fully. They care deeply for members, serve regularly in UM missions, offer an active social calendar and welcome visitors each week.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room L04

Sisters in Spirit
women of all ages
A community of ladies joining together with a common goal to grow in Christ and in the Holy Spirit through prayer, Bible study, fellowship and mission.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 113

Telephone Class
homebound adults, all ages
Meets weekly at 10:00 am, via the telephone for Bible study and Christian conversation.
If you would like to join, contact Sandra King at 383-4777 for more information.

The Seekers 
all ages
This class focuses on supportive Christian community and fellowship as they journey together through faith sharing, bible study, discussion and community outreach. 
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room L08 

The Other 6 Days
all ages
A very informal class that typically uses TED Talks to encourage open minded conversation relating to daily life with the goal of abundant living.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room L12

all ages
This class uses a variety of studies and a lecture format to discuss spiritual formation and growth through discipleship.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 107

Wedding Ring
older adults
Chooses a variety of studies and curricula ranging from current topics to in-depth study of scripture.
Meets in Adult Building, Room 112 

Wesley Fellowship
ages 45+
Supports one another through active prayer, study, and caring for the spiritual journey.
Meets in Sanctuary Building, Room L02