Our Mission

Transforming lives by engaging our members to celebrate and share the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision


While life is a beautiful gift, we also recognize that our lives, relationships, and community are full of broken places. We are a church that believes the love of Jesus Christ is the remedy we all need. As we celebrate and share Christ’s love we will see individual hearts and lives healed, relationships restored and mended, and our community become a healthier and happier place for all to live.


The work of God belongs to all of God’s people. We are a church where we invite and encourage our members to discover and use their God-given talents to serve, care, teach, and lead, and where people are equipped and empowered to do so.


Life is hard; the last thing we need is something else to knock us down. We are a church that worships God in celebratory, uplifting and inspiring ways and that offers preaching, teaching and community life that is grounded in the good news of the love of Jesus Christ.


The love of Jesus Christ is simply too big for us to keep to ourselves.
We are a church that shares Christ’s love by caring for one another through times of trial and struggle, that helps those in our community through service and mission, and that is excited about sharing God’s love with others.


Expand Worship Venues On and Off Campus

Church attendance nationwide is down from its peak in the 1950s. The way people communicate, create community, and process information has changed. To reach out to people “where they are” we will expand worship to include one or more of the following: a “mobile church” for soccer field / sports / post-game RV lot services, on location services in Spanish Town, Port Allen, or Brusly, a new or “adopt-a-church” campus, or an online worshiping community. We will also find ways to improve our already strong worship opportunities.

Develop an Intentional Plan or Path for Discipleship

We want people to learn about Christ’s love but often expect them to figure it out as they go.
We will develop an intentional plan for discipleship that will teach the Christian faith and practice from a Methodist perspective, increase Biblical literacy, and connect people with a group to nurture them on the path of discipleship

Develop a Follow-Up System for Member Engagement and Care

The Church is the people, plain and simple. We want our members to be engaged in every aspect of the life of the church, from worship to teaching, to serving and leading.
We will create a system and team to follow-up and care for members who are seeking to connect more fully within the life of the church and/or who have become disengaged.

Establish an after-school student enrichment center

There are as many as 13,000 single parent families within a six-mile radius of our church. Many students in our community need help with basic education and life skills. They also need something constructive to do after school.
We will create an after-school student enrichment center that will offer tutoring, music lessons, art, sports, and nutrition and will also engage the talents of our church members and make fuller use of our available facilities.

Create a center for urban mission to recruit, train and deploy people in Baton Rouge

We often send teams to other states and countries for medical, construction, and educational mission. The question is often asked, “Why don’t we serve the same needs in our own backyard?”
We will create a center for urban missions that will invite our members and people from around the country to serve on a mission team right here in Baton Rouge. Whether doing home repair blocks from the church or volunteering at a local charity, people will experience life in downtown Baton Rouge and touch people’s lives while doing it.

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