Brock/P-3 Circle
A group of women who enjoy fellowship and spiritual growth through being the hands and feet of Christ. They participate in spiritual disciplines and hear from various speakers around town. They support various mission opportunities and try to vary their meeting times to meet the needs of everyone. Some of their recurrent missions include HOPE Ministries, Youth Oasis and Heritage Ranch.
Meets every other third Tuesday of the month; 10:00 am at member’s homes
Contact Amber Cefalu (985-517-6262) or Ruth Whitaker (225) 229-2016

Brown Circle
Named for Doretha Brown, former missionary; this Circle meets in member’s homes and shares a light meal before program begins. Ages range from 40s and up. Projects benefiting women and children, locally and internationally, are the subjects of programs. It has “hands-on” mission projects several times a year, such as birthday bags for the Methodist Children’s Home, and cleaning baskets for the women in the Connections For Life program.
meets the third Monday of the month; 6:30 pm at member’s homes
Contact Cooky Coffey (926-5465) or Mary Lew Sfondouris (753-3425)

Francis Woodfin Circle 
Organized in the 1960s to appeal to mothers of young children who could attend meetings at church while nursery is provided for children. Today there are 26 members. Programs emphasize local/foreign missions. Ongoing service projects include serving at HOPE Ministries in the food pantry, gifts to Women’s Community Rehabiliation Center, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, and other projects.
Meets the third Tuesday of the month; 11:30 am at FUMC
Contact Mitzi Hackenberg (318-773-6972) or Daphne Drumm (247-7559)

Lowry Circle
Named for and assisted in supporting the work of Methodist missionary couple, Rev. David and Dr. Mary Sue Lowry. The group participates in Pledge Service, Call to Prayer, Self-Denial program, annual UMW study programs, dime collection for LA Conference Mission Candle, collections/donations of supplies and funds for state/local missions (such as HOPE Ministries, the Louisiana Veterans Home in Jackson, LA, the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, Youth Oasis, Raven House and Women’s Community Rehabilitation Center).
Meets the third Tuesday of the month; 10:00 am at FUMC
Contact Marce Warner (923-1469)

Robinson Circle
Began in the 1970s as a circle for working women who wanted to connect with their sisters, study and do service in the evenings. Recent service projects have included making bags for the ministry that helps send homeless home in our community to families (providing much needed snacks, toiletries and and personal care items), and making gift bags for teachers/staff at one of our church’s partner schools. Members offer input on topics of interest, various spiritual formation opportunities, enrichment regarding other nations and religions, Bible study, and lessons on church missions.
Meets the first Monday of the month; 6:30 pm in member’s homes
Contact Denise Akers (769-5329) or Amy Odom (448-5560)